Heart Failure :- Ayurvedic & Yogic Treatment

Published: 20th October 2010
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Heart Failure

Heart failure is a very common condition. Both children and adults can have heart failure, although the symptoms and treatments differ.

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the needs of body. In some cases, the heart cannot fill with enough blood. In other cases, the heart cannot pump blood to the rest of the body with enough force. Some people have both problems. The term "Heart Failure" does not mean that your heart has stopped or is about to stop working. However, heart failure is a serious condition that requires medical care.

Heart failure develops over time as the heart's pumping action grows weaker. The condition can affect the right side of the heart only, or it can affect both sides of the heart. Most cases involve both sides of the heart. Right side heart failure occurs if the heart cannot pump enough blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen. Left side heart failure occurs if the heart cannot pump enough oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body. Right side heart failure may cause fluid to build up in the feet, ankles, legs, liver, abdomen, and the veins in the neck. Rightside and leftside heart failure also may cause shortness of breath and fatigue/tiredness. The leading causes of the heart failure are diseases that damage the heart. These include coronary heart disease (CHD), also called coronary artery disease; high blood pressure; and diabetes.

If the heart has been injured, the body will attempt to compensate for reduced blood flow. Unfortunately, many of the countermeasures actually increase strain upon heart and further the development of heart failure. The heart, after suffering damage or being placed under physical stress by high blood pressure, will begin to change its own shape. This deforming of ventricles' shape is known as remodeling or hypertrophy.

Currently, heart failure has no cure. However, treatments such as medicines and lifestyle changes can help people live longer and more active lives. Researchers continue to study new ways to treat heart failure and its complications.

Ayurvedic Treatments and tips for heart failure, heart disease.

Nourish Your Emotional Heart.

Choose Activities That Make You Happy.

Choose Natural Over Processed Foods.

Maintain a Sensible Diet.

Avoid Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

Make Exercise a Daily Routine.

Use of Amla fruit which is a good antioxidant. This fruit help the heart to get rid of arterial damages from radicals at the same time nourishing it. Amla increases the immune system and sooths the heart.

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